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Amfa4000 Water Softener

The Amfa4000 water softener by 24Man Engineering was developed with characteristic Swiss levels of precision. At 24Man, we put quality first and foremost, and as such, we work only with the best parts. Our water softeners are researched in Switzerland and skilfully manufactured there as well.

The disadvantages of hard water are considerable and can cost you quite a lot of money. There is the matter of limescale, but hard water will also require you to use more detergent and energy, and thus cost more. Your pipes may get clogged, and your home appliances will deteriorate in terms of efficiency and power. You will eventually need to start using more detergent to properly clean your dishes and laundry, and your boiler will have a much shorter lifespan. An easy way to solve all of these issues is by installing a water softener.

Because soft water does not contain calcium, you will no longer need to deal with white deposits in your bathroom, toilet, or glassware. No more needing to scrub the bathroom! Another advantage of soft water is that you do not need to use as much detergent or soap when washing clothes, running your dishwasher, or taking a shower. Soft water can also help with or even prevent skin problems such as rashes, itchiness, bumps, or eczema. Your boiler will use less power to bring your water up to temperature. Moreover, your faucets, boiler, washing machine, or coffee maker will last longer, because water softening will prevent limescale from building up therein.

“A great purchase to ensure the best skincare and performance of electrical appliances!“ I wish I had known about the AMFA4000 water softener earlier! It makes such a difference for everything in my house that has to do with water. Taking a shower is wonderful, my skin is no longer dry and no longer feels tight. All in all, the water is just much better. It smells better, it tastes better, and I would recommend this change to everyone!
“Easy to install and I immediately began noticing results – amazing!“ I have now had my AMFA4000 for a few weeks, and things are looking great at my reference point, the flat shower faucet.
Usually, that faucet begins displaying ring-shaped calcium deposits right away even if we only forget to wipe it down just once. But with the water softener, I no longer need to wipe it down at all. It’s really great!
“The water softener was easy to install, and I have definitely noticed the difference!“ In my temporary holiday bungalow, the water was so hard that I began having issues with limescale right away. Moreover, the water was undrinkable. The AMRA4000 water softener was easy to install, and I have definitely noticed a difference. Much fewer calcium deposits form, and the taste of the water has improved considerably!
“Thank you so much for your expertise regarding water!“ I am pleasantly surprised by the effects of the Amfa4000 water softener; the results exceeded my expectations! The issue of limescale on my faucet filters has all but been eliminated, my bathroom, toilet, and sinks stay looking tiptop for much longer, and it takes a lot less effort for me to clean it all. I no longer need to use anti-limescale agents on my shower wall; instead, I just use a bit of detergent. Thank you so much for your expertise regarding water!
“Even my dog likes it!“ The water feels softer and you can tell the difference from all of my appliances, the toilets, the shower, and the car. Even my dog likes it! No more calcium deposits in his stainless steel water bowl. Similarly, my chicken’s drinking fountains also stay clean.
I wholeheartedly recommend this water softener!

Vanquish calcium with our water softener

Are you experiencing issues with limescale and looking for a cheap, speedy solution? If so, meet our Amfa4000. This system removes limescale and prevents new deposits from forming by altering the chemical structure of minerals in the water, without removing any essential elements. Our water softener has been tested scientifically and is entirely environmentally friendly. We would love to tell you more about limescale and our impressive system.

How limescale develops

Limescale is developed by hard water. This is an issue in many sections of the UK. Limescale is caused by minerals in the water, such as magnesium and calcium. The harder the water, the more limescale will develop. Limescale is not harmful to the human body, but it is damaging to our water systems. Did you know that limescale also results in higher energy bills, by up to 70%! In short, you would do well to apply water softening to your pipes and prevent such an increase in costs. Once you have ordered our magnetic water conditioner , you will be able to enjoy clean water and clean machines without white limescale once more.

How does the Amfa4000 work?

The Amfa4000 magnetic water descaler utilises special gadolinium ceramics technology, which features strong magnetic fields housed in compact casings. This allows this small but powerful device to be easily installed in almost any space. The system consists of two powerful internal magnetic water-softening modules. These are carefully attuned to one another to ensure optimum performance. Research has shown that water encloses micro particles in a complex of bound water molecules. This complex prevents micro particles from bonding with the calcium in the water. As such, the calcium is free to attach itself to pipes and heating elements. The Amfa4000 water conditioner generates a certain frequency that causes disharmony in the internal frequency of water molecules, so that the micro particles are released. These then become the main target for calcium bonding. The equipment needs to satisfy strict regulations and requirements for it to be able to release micro particles. For example, the magnetic field has to be 100 million times stronger in order to have the desired effect on the water molecules. The change in the crystalline structure and minerals prevents limescale from forming. 24Man is very dedicated to the cause of corporate social responsibility, and as such, also supplies a water saving system along with the Amfa4000 water softener.

The advantages of our magnetic water softener:

  • Our water softener prevents the build-up of limescale;
  • Our water softener gradually breaks down existing deposits;
  • The Amfa4000 water conditioner is environmentally friendly;
  • The Amfa4000 water descaler requires no maintenance;
  • Our water softener can enable annual savings of around £ 700 per household;
  • The Amfa4000 water softener comes with 10 years of full manufacturer’s warranty.
The price

You may be thinking that such a wonderful system must be expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth. For a mere £ 62, you can be the proud owner of your own magnetic water conditioner The Amfa4000 water descaler will allow you to decrease the build-up of limescale by up to 85%! And that is not all; our water descaler is suitable for many different types of homes. Whether you live in an apartment, houseboat, villa, or single-family home, our water conditioner will likely be compatible. All that is required is a piece of straight pipe of around 8 cm in length. The Amfa4000 water softener will allow you to prevent the build-up of limescale, which in turn will cause your water systems to use less energy, and thus result in lower energy bills. Moreover, we offer a considerable warranty period of no less than 10 years, and also a money-back guarantee.

Over 100,000 satisfied customers have gone before you

Just leave the issue of descaling your pipes to us; our trusty water softener will do the job. Over 100,000 satisfied customers have gone before you. No more showerhead covered by a chalky white film, and no more needing to replace expensive filters. As soon as the limescale has been eliminated, you will be able to enjoy your water optimally once more.

Do not allow limescale to develop

The heating of water is the primary cause of limescale formation. It forms deposits that are initially invisible. That is why we recommend that you descale your water systems using our descaling magnet, the Amfa4000 water descaler. If you are curious about how to purchase this magnetic water softener, you will be happy to know that it is very easy! If you order your water conditioner before 11:00pm today, it will be delivered to you within 48 hours. You can choose from various payment options. Once your order has arrived, you will have a 100-day period to make up your mind, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you will be able to return it free of charge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us; we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

1Installation  Amfa4000®

Thanks to its small size, a free space of only 8cm along the length of the pipe is sufficient to mount the magnetic water descaler. The water softener can be mounted on any type of pipe, such as PVC, copper, (galvanised) steel, or flexible materials, with diameters ranging from 12mm to 42mm.

2A quality water softener

The Amfa4000® water softener  is made of premium-grade materials, meaning that under most circumstances, it will last a lifetime and require no maintenance. Should any issues arise after all, rest assured; the water conditioner comes with a 10-year warranty. On top of that, we provide a money-back guarantee for the first 100 days after purchase, allowing you to try out our magnetic water softener for yourself without risk.

3The way the Amfa4000 works

The Amfa4000® water descaler generates a certain frequency that causes disharmony in the internal frequency of the water molecules, causing calcium to bond with micro particles in the water instead of attaching itself to your equipment and pipes.

4Magnetic fields

24Man has done a lot of research into the proper setup of magnetic fields for our water descaler. On top of that, 24Man utilises modern and sustainable gadolinium ceramics technology, which features strong magnetic fields housed in compact casings. This allows us to create a small but powerful magnetic water conditioner that can be installed in small spaces without having to first do difficult work on the pipes.

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